Due to severe weather conditions in Louisville, KY, you may experience a delay in your textbook order.
The UPS package guarantee does not apply when transportation networks are disrupted. For more information about affected areas, please visit UPS.com

About Used Books

Used books range in quality from a pristine book owned only once before by a student who treated it with care, to a book that has been owned by several students and is comfortably worn with creased pages and highlighting. A used book might have any of the following characteristics:

  • Notes written in the margins
  • Highlighting from a little to a lot
  • Typical wear and tear
  • Rounded corners
  • Scrapes and scratches
  • Faded cover art
  • Creased pages

Book with highlighting Books

Rest assured that MBS Direct has quality assurance standards in place. A used book purchased from us will NOT have:

  • Stains or water damage
  • Missing, torn or loose pages
  • Missing, torn or loose cover
  • Excessive writing or marking
  • A broken spine
  • Torn or damaged binding

Unacceptable books

Books that come to us in such condition are rejected from our buyback program and either discarded or sent back to the last owner.



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